Programme of Economic Policy 2015/16.

The arguments contained in chapters 13-22 of the recommended textbook, Krugman, Obstfeld, Melitz, International Economics, ninth edition, or the equivalent chapters in the new, tenth edition of the same textbook or, as a separate volume, International Finance: Theory and Policy, Tenth Edition, by the same authors.

Moreover students should also be acquainted with the arguments discussed in the lectures, as reported in the slides that will be made available at this site.

N.B: Students can send to me by email ( their answers to the questions given in past exams, or which can be found at the end of the chapters of the textbook, and I will send the corrections back to them by email.

NB: The final exam is written and oral. A pass (18/30) in the written exam is a prerequisite to go on to the oral part. In case of fail both written and oral parts should be repeated in the subsequent sessions.

Text of past written exams

Economic Policy Lectures—Academic Year 2014/2015